Valentina Delivers Anna Alexandrovna’s Quilt

Saturday, May 23, my former Russian professor, the most excellent and accomplished Juliette Stapanian Apkarian, kindly delivered Anna Alexandrovna’s quilt to my friends Valentina Ivanovna Kotlyar (retired airline pilot and Aviatrissa club VP) and Lidiya Yakovlevna Zaitseva (retired MiG pilot, world-record holder). Saturday afternoon, they presented Anna Alexandrovna with a hand-made quilt sewn by my mom and signed by more than fifty women pilots and aviation enthusiasts from the U.S. and Russia. 

Anna Yegorova with her quilt
Anna Yegorova reads Kim's letter and the many messages on her quilt

Anna Alexandrovna joked that she wanted to study English so she could read all the messages from the American pilots, and she said she planned to hang the quilt on the wall “like a picture.” She sends her wishes to the members of Women in Aviation, International and thanks them for their kind words.

Thank you to Juliette, Valentina, and Lidiya for delivering the quilt to Anna Alexandrovna, to the fine women of WAI for their messages to her, and to my mom for her labor at the sewing machine! 

I’m wondering if there’s a bright future for quilt diplomacy…



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