Davis-Kidd / WPLN Book Event debriefing

Davis-Kidd posterThank you, Davis-Kidd and WPLN for the opportunity to torture a captive audience with protracted ramblings on my favorite topic: Anna Alexandrovna’s memoir, in the context of Russia’s “Great Patriotic War.”  I get so excited about the subject that people now refuse to sit next to me in bars. It was immensely enjoyable to talk at length to folks who actually seemed interested, and I didn’t even have to buy them cocktails.

Thank you also, old friends and new who turned out to support me, when I’m sure you all had matters of great consequence to attend to. It was especially lovely to see several old high school friends and teachers, and of course, my dear Russian friends Inna and Viktor, whose patience is monumental. 

I’d been advised by several author friends that bookstore signings can sometimes be a bit ill-attended and discouraging. But thanks to great publicity and supportive friends, my experience was most enjoyable and rewarding. Thanks, everyone. I owe you one.

Davis-Kidd signing


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